Synthe FX Release New iPad & iPhone iOS App and LCompanion Software

Synthe FX has been hard at work these past couple of months.  First updating the iPhone app of Luminair and then releasing Luminair for the iPad. Now with the release of the Mac App Store, Synthe FX has been working over time to bring even more updates to the iOS apps along with the LCompanion software for transferring and updating files for the iOS apps.  Here is more from Synthe FX.

Synthe FX has announced the release of Luminair for iPad v1.2, which adds new features such as support for external MIDI control over Wi-Fi networks, as well as support for direct transfers of PDF paperwork from Cast Software’s WYSIWYG R26.

Expanding on the new external MIDI, MSC and OSC remote features recently added in v1.1, Luminair for iPad v1.2 adds the ability to use RTP MIDI over a Wi-Fi network, for wireless control from any MIDI control source connected to a Mac, PC or other compatible equipment. Luminair’s use of the CoreMIDI framework found in iOS provides low latency over a Wi-Fi network.

Version 1.2 also adds support for the latest version of Cast Software’s WYSIWYG lighting pre-visualization software, which was recently updated to R26. WYSIWYG R26 adds the ability to directly transfer PDF paperwork to Luminair running on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Luminair provides a customized interface for browsing these paperwork files, making it easy for users to quickly reference important information without closing the app.

Luminair for iPhone was also recently updated to v2.2, which adds an “in-app” PDF reader, as well as the WYSIWYG PDF paperwork transfer features found in Luminair for iPad. Users can now transfer and open any PDF file in Luminair for iPhone.

Additionally, Synthe FX has announced the release of LCompanion v1.0, available in Apple’s new Mac App Store. LCompanion is a free Mac OS X app that allows Luminair users to both build and save custom fixtures profiles, as well as transfer project, fixture, image, and PDF files back and forth from a Mac to an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch device.

Luminair for the iPad brand new is $129.99 USDLuminair for the iPhone/iPod Touch new purchase price of $99.99 USD.  Now, if you own either iOS app, the new update to either app is FREE from the iTunes App Store. You can learn more about all the new updates by visiting Synthe FX web site at