The iPad: Not Just a Tablet

Its an adjustable light source for photographers: Jesse Rosten, a northern CA based filmmaker, recently completed a photo shoot using only iPads as light sources. Jesse and his crew used plywood and standard hardware to make 3-way boards to use as front, key and fill.¬† The iPad made a fantastic soft light source. Although, even Jesse admits it’s not exactly practical. 9 iPads have a price tag of about $4500.¬†That will buy you alot of standard lumens.

iPad Photoshoot from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Its an instrument for an orchestra: One of the biggest strengths of the iPad is its ability to allow apps to turn it into various devices. The North Point Community Church’s iBand, using nothing but their iPad’s and iPhone’s, put on an impressive Christmas show (seen below). The iOS devices served as drums, guitar, synth, percussion, bells, and even auto-tune on the last song (I Am T-Pain anyone?). Its an impressive demonstration of what can be accomplished with a bit of tech and alot of imagination.

Its blendable? This last video is enough to make you want to cry, but it qualifies as a unique use: