The Student Design Competition is Officially OPEN

Yup, it is January 28th.  That means that the student design competition is open!  While the competition just started, I don’t expect many students to start submitting their design work right now.  I highly recommend taking your time, you have almost all of spring semester!  Heck, the competition doesn’t close until April 15th.  That doesn’t mean wait till the last minute either!

Head over to the Student Design Competition page and learn more about the competition and get the low down on the rules and requirements.  There are also plenty of links to get you to the right site to download the FREE student version of Vectorworks and the demo version of Lightwright.

Through out the competition, I’ll be posting updates, resources, tips, tricks, things to help you along your way.  So get your design started and have some fun with it! All of the judges and I are extremely excited to see what you come up with. Break-a-leg everyone!