Bulbrite Adds to Nostalgic Line of Lamps… Am I That Old?!?

I knew this day would come within my life time, but not THIS soon! Lighting is changing as we know it. LEDs seem to be taking over and the death of the incandescent lamp is just one nail away from sealing its coffin. Now that being said, the incandescent will not completely fall of the face of the world.  In fact it can’t and shouldn’t! It is a beautiful source of warm loving light. I still have a hard enough time using LEDs 100%. Nothing against what anyone is building, it is a fact, LEDs, (as of right now) can not produce the same feel of a tungsten lamp. If I am wrong, so be it. In fact, PLEASE, prove me wrong! :)

Enough ranting… for now.

Bulbrite announced the release of 10 new lamps in their Nostalgic collection.  Like I said, I knew this time would come, but not this soon!  We are already considering these lamps Nostalgic!  Must mean I am old!

More from Bulbrite:

Bulbrite’s complete Nostalgic Collection offers one of the widest variety of bases, filament design, shapes, and wattages available in the market. The collection is available in 10 distinct shapes including globe, tubular, signature (Edison-style), and classic light bulbs, in a variety of sizes, and four unique filament designs which include Hairpin, Thread, Spiral and Loop.  Each bulb features handcrafted filaments which add to the authenticity of the bulb replicas. Emitting a warm glow and lasting up to 3000 hours, the nostalgic bulbs are available in medium and candelabra base options, easily converting ordinary fixtures into works of art.

The new miniNostalgic Collection features a full series of compact styles fitting a variety of chandeliers.  Each of these lamps feature an E12 base, life hours ranging from 2000-3000 hours and a warm, amber glow. All miniature nostalgic lamps are offered in 25-watt sizes. Designers will now be enabled to enhance fixtures which commonly could not fit the traditional nostalgic bulbs with these new compact options.

Learn more about the Nosalgic Lamp series at www.bulbrite.com