Capture Sweden Releases Student Edition of Visualiser Software

Capture Sweden starts off 2012 by releasing the popular 3D visualiser Capture Polar in a new package for lighting students. The so called Student Edition of Capture Polar is a limited version of Capture, but it’s free! Sales manager Lasse Berg explains – “The demo version of Capture has been downloaded by more than 30 000 people during the past fifteen years. We have received a lot of requests for a working version for students, and as we always listen to our users we have now created the Capture Polar Student Edition.”

The Capture Polar Student Edition comes with limitations in paperwork functionality, library content and the number of universes available for visualisation. Library director Vangelis Manolis adds – “These twenty popular fixtures have been carefully selected among the 4000+ fixtures of our detailed database. We are confident that they are sufficient for any student to build and enjoy a complete show.”

All other features from the Basic Edition of Capture, including the rich number of console connectivity options and availability on both Windows and Mac OS X have been retained. It is available publically for download from Capture Sweden’s website. Development manager Lars Wernlund concludes – “Finally the availability of a user friendly visualizer for students to learn lighting and study console programming is no longer a question of money or access to The Pirate Bay.”