High End Systems Celebrates 10 Years in 2012

Were does the time go?  It has already been 10 years since High End Systems stepped into the Digital Lighting Arena.  Now don’t let this 10 year anniversary confuse you with when High End opened shop… that happened in the late 80’s!

Just 10 short years ago, High End released to the market, a media server… something revolutionary and forward thinking… the Catalyst. It was shortly followed by a digital projector and a media server mounted into a moving yoke, the DL.1.

Through June, High End will be celebrating their 10 years in the digital lighting arena by holding a 10 year digital lighting promotion.  All you have to do is fill out the form and High End will contact you with more details.

Wanna know more about the history of digital lighting from High End?

The first DMX controlled media server and Orbital Mirror Heads were sold in 2002 and the digital lighting revolution began.  Back then, the Catalyst media server provided designers with the ability to control and manipulate media content from any lighting console.  Prior to the release of Catalyst, video control from a lighting console was merely a dream for most designers.

Within a year after the first product was sold, the DL.1 Digital Light was released.  This self contained unit was a video projector on a yoke with a direct connection to a Catalyst media server located away from the moving head.  Suddenly designers were able to incorporate their own “fixture” and move away from using large video projectors with moving mirrors.  But High End Systems had bigger plans for a fully integrated digital light.

2004 marked the release of the innovative DL.2 Digital Light.  This unit truly defined the digital light moniker by providing designers with a single product that included a video projector and media server packaged together in a lighting fixture.  With no additional connections required, the DL.2 fixtures could be installed and operated just like any other lighting fixture.

Development of the DL.2 software led to the release of the Axon Media Server in 2006.  This new media server provided the playback and manipulation power of the DL.2 to be used with any type of video device.  Furthermore, 2006 also saw the release of the updated Catalyst V4 Media Server.

In early 2008, High End Systems released the DL.3 Digital Light that provided higher output and new software features.  In addition, every DL.3 was outfitted with a built-in camera and infrared illuminator.  The purchase of High End Systems by Barco in mid 2008 added the DML-1200 Digital Light to the product line.

Since the release of the DL.3, High End Systems has continued to add software features to the digital line such as the collage generator, increased layers, digital shutters and more.  In 2010 the DML-1200 was upgraded to use the Axon Media Server, and it too received a host of new features.

High End Systems continues to grow as a leader in the digital lighting market with the release of the DLV Digital Light in early 2012.  This new, small unit retains most of the capabilities of the full sized DL.3, yet at a smaller size and reduced cost.