Introducing: Love It, Lock It, Leave It T-Shirt!!1

After a LONG weekend in Vegas for LDI and another two weeks of recovery, writing, sorting and follow up, it is finally time. We are proud to launch the latest iSquint t-shirt, the Love it, Lock it, Leave it or L3 t-shirt!

Now, if you have to ask what Love it, Lock it, Leave it means… you may be an ampie and thus might be on the wrong website.  While we love our ampie brothers and sisters, lumens remain our passion. If you MUST know what it means, ask any squint or LD out there. They will be sure to get you up on a catwalk to find out.

What about the symbol… Tools of the trade, a c-wrench, flashlight and a drafting symbol. But why fixture number 42. All of life’s questions can be answered with 42. The backside features the iSquint logo in our “corporate” colors. The best part, the tag area on the inside. You’ll have to click through to find out more about that!