Just In Time for the Holidays: Connect-A-Cord

I will admit, I get HUNDREDS of Press Releases during a single day.  There are a huge amount from lighting companies that I read over and fill. Then there are the ones that VAGUELY relate to the entertainment lighting industry. I have become quote good at quickly knowing which are to read and which are automatic fills or deletes.

This one caught my attention quickly. Scanned the headline and knew I have to read more…

“30 Watt’s Newest Product, Connect-A-Cord, Makes Traditional Extension Cords Obsolete”

Makes you wonder right?! Then there was the image file that was embedded right after that…


OK… now that is hilarious, for two reasons. The name and the idea.  Connect-a-cord? Sounds like a Hasbro game like connect four.  Honestly, it is an interesting idea… but come on. What Harry homeowner will sit there connecting these things until they have the perfect length?

At this point, I just HAD to read the entire PR. And dammit, wouldn’t you know it, they got me! Here is the PR for your reading pleasure.

30 Watt knows how important reach is when it comes to electrical devices. Its newest product, Connect-A-Cord is revolutionizing the extension cord industry with its 50, one-foot sections of cord.

Extension Cord expert and host of the hit show “Ultimate Makeover: Pantry Edition,” Cy Hennington, says, “Connect-A-Cord and pantries are a must-have for every homeowner. Appliances stored in pantries need some juice too, and with Connect-A-Cord, you get the perfect length power cord every time.”

With 50 separate cords, the configurations are endless and hassle free. Tangled cords are a thing of the past. Connect-A-Cord even comes with an optional contractor case for easy, tangle-free storage.

“Connecting 50, one-foot cords to reach an electrical outlet doesn’t sound like an ideal extension cord, but it sounds like a great prank gift box,” says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. “The product is fake, but the box looks like the real deal.”

Gift giving can be uneventful, that is, unless the real gift is placed in a PrankPackTM.  You put the real gift inside, and watch for reactions as the gift recipient opens up the Prank Pack and sees the bright yellow flaps that say, “Prank You!”

“The 30 Watt R&D Labs, worked on gift bag and gift wrap innovation for many years, and the countless hours and millions of dollars have paid off, with the development of the Prank Pack—a genuine fake, prank gift box, says Arik Nordby, Creative Director at 30 Watt. “In addition to the multiple styles to currently choose from, we hope consumers will be eager to find out what new Prank Packs will be added to the line every year and enthusiastically select the vessel(s) for their gift delivery.”

To funny right?  They are actually SELLING this.  Pick up your own Connect-A-Cord prank box at prankbox.com for $8.00.