Martin Makes Fixture Library Available in Vectorworks

Looks like Martin is celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving out gifts!  Martin has made available an updated version of their product line for Vectorworks Spotlight.  Here is more from the Press Release:

Martin Professional product developer Simon Allan has put together an updated library of Vectorworks lighting instrument symbols and has made them freely available for users to download. This new range includes symbols for all fixtures in Martin Professional’s moving head range, as well as some from Martin’s LED video range.

The symbols are available for Vectorworks Spotlight 2008-2012 and can be downloaded from the Martin Professional website. The Vectorworks files can also be imported for use with Martin’s popular visualization software package, the Martin ShowDesigner (MSD 5).

Simon plans to add to the library, making more and more symbols available in the future. He comments, “They are all in one document (2008-2012) to keep things simple. Every product that has a corresponding Vectorworks symbol will have a link to the file under the service and support area for that product. I will be adding to this all the time so please be patient if the symbol you need is not present.”

Questions relating to the symbols should be sent to .