New AV Nation Podcast – Live Life, Episode One

This past week, I was invited on to the first episode of one of AV Nation’s latest podcast, The Live Life. Don’t let the title throw you, Too Many Mikes.  We talked about Media Servers and projection technologies for the entertainment industry. The title came from having three Mikes on the podcast.  We joked around before we started recording and the name stuck! Here is a synopsis of what we talked about.

On this the very first episode of Live Life host George Tucker, Mike Fahl of Dataton SE, Micheal Bridwell of Digital Projection, Mike Postupak of Perspective and Justin Lang of PLSN  discuss the dramatic changes Media Servers and projection geometry have had on the event staging industry.  We have a question and answer session on how first time and independent companies can start to work with these systems and debate just how to make a certification and education program for image mapping skills.

On the podcast was, Host: George Tucker with Guests Mike Fahl, Micheal Bridwell, Mike Postupak, and yours truly, Justin Lang. You can check out the podcast here or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.