SeaChanger Celebrates the Holidays BYO Style

seachanger-byoSeaChanger is kicking off the holiday season and the launch of their new Shop Online Site with a BYO Sale.  Yes, BYO… NOT BYOB. THOUGH, if you want to BYOB, no one is stopping you. BYO meaning Build Your Own. SeaChanger has launched their new online store where you can build a SeaChanger to fit your needs. You can choose from their three main light sources, Tungsten, HMI and LEP. From there you can choose profile or spot and any other accessories you might need for your fixture.

For a limited time, SeaChanger is offer a discount on the fixture that started it all for the company, the SeaChanger Tungsten XG (Extreme Green) in the black finish. For a limited time and no telling when it will end, SeaChanger is offering $400 off list price on the original fixture. That is $1,250 USD!

Find out more details and purchase your new BYO SeaChanger at