Trinculo’s Attic Introduces the Juliet Candle

The use of candles is a perennial problem for live stage productions.  Trinculo’s Attic’s new electronic candle provides a quality, affordable solution.  By replicating the amplitude and frequency of an actual candle in a programmable miniature electronic module, this new candle precisely mimics the flicker of a real burning candle flame.  In side-by-side comparisons, viewers have been unable distinguish the real from the artificial candle.

The Juliet Candle is a small integrated LED module available in amber, white, red, green and blue.  The module is small, making it easily concealable, and uses only 3V of power, eliminating the need for clumsy and expensive 9V batteries.  Most significantly, the candle is fully programmable.  Through the use of available add-on modules, the way the candle flickers can be changed and it can be made to react to changing circumstances, such as blackouts, or to remote commands.

MSRP is $25, with wholesale pricing available for distributors and quantity orders.  Add-on modules for the candle will be available in the coming months.  These modules, designed to work with the Juliet Candle to allow customized applications, include:

  • Remote Controller to turn candles on and off remotely
  • Light Sensor that will cause the candle to go dark when the lights black out
  • Movement Sensor to detect when the candle is being moved and react accordingly
  • Programmer Board for custom programming of candle functions and custom light profiles.

Trinculo’s Attic is a theatrical electronics firm providing support and education resources and customized electronic solutions to the entertainment industry.  Founder Ben Peoples is the author of Embedded Electronics for Theater and has extensive experience in theater consulting, technical production, lighting design and the creation of specialized custom solutions for theaters.  Embedded Electronics for Theater and Ben’s intensive 1-day workshops provide an introduction to the use of the newest innovations in programmable miniature electronics for theater professionals.

The Juliet Candle is the first of an extensive line of electronic modules for theatrical use that Trinculo’s Attic will be introducing over the next several months.  The entire line will be demonstrated at the  USITT Conference in Long Beach, CA the last week in March.  For the convenience of conference attendees, Trinculo’s Attic is also offering an intensive 1-day workshop on embedded programmable electronics for theater at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach on April 1.

More information is available at the Trinculo’s Attic website: and