Welcome to the New Design of iSquint!

In grand tradition with LDI, there is big news with iSquint.net. For the past six months, we have been working on a re-design of the site. Today, the first day of LDI, we are proud to launch the 4th version and new, cleaner design of iSquint! Why the new design? As technologies grows so must a site design. We have designed the site for easier navigation, cleaner layout and more photos!

One major change has been the comment section. We have revamped the comments to use Facebook integration for easier commenting. So all you need is your Facebook login, (which is secure, we do not have access to it) and you can leave comments till your heart is content. Speaking of comments, leave one here and let us know how we are doing and what you think of the new design.  If you have troubles or notice something wrong, hit us up via email at info@isquint.net.

Since it is LDI, we will be on the show floor checking things out and reporting back here. After the show, we have one more big announcement to make so tune back in on Monday to see the last surprise we have in store for you. Enjoy the weekend and all of what LDI has to offer!