Help Paint Birmingham With LASERS!


Do you like Art? How about Lasers? A very creative individual, both artistically and technology wise has combined his two passion in to a pretty awesome project!  Aron Altmark has been playing with projections, lasers and his fascination of graffiti art for a number of years.  He is bringing his art back to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to help support the American Red Cross.

Aron is one of the featured artist in Birmingham’s festival, Paint the Town Red, an annual fundraiser for the Jefferson-Shelby chapter of the American Red Cross.  It is a digital street art festival that brings artists from various disciplines to downtown Birmingham for a night of visual spectacle and entertainment.

Here is a bit more about what Aron is planning:

This year, I’m bringing a giant Laser Graffiti installation and an interactive Kinect hack to this festival. Laser Graffiti utilizes a system that tracks a laser pointer and “paints” onto a surface wherever the pointer goes — in our case, on a 5-story brick warehouse. We’re going to give participants the opportunity to make their own work of art, leaving their own mark on downtown Birmingham. The Kinect hack will use a video camera, depth sensor, and custom applications to allow participants to interact and create their own art using their bodies as the brush and canvas. Participants of all ages will be able to interact with a digital version of themselves projected on a large building. I’m extremely excited about bringing these art forms back to my hometown and using it to allow the community to unleash their own artistic potential for a night of fun and creativity for a great cause.

Aron is looking for support via donations to help bring his Interactive Light Art to Birmingham.  He has started a fundraising page on Indiegogo. He is not looking to make money here, but support to help get him to Birmingham, supplies and assorted other sundries. Anything he raises past his goal goes right to the American Red Cross. If you would like to help support Aron and the American Red Cross, learn more at