SLDC2013: Interview with Judge Kevin Lee Allen

Where has the time gone?  We are already halfway through February. That means that students have a month and a half to work on and finish their entry for the Student Lighting Design Competition. Say what… you don’t know about it?!? FIND OUT NOW!

In order to help students organize and prepare for the SLDC, we sat down with a couple of our judges to ask them what they are looking for in the entries.  The first interview was with Kevin Linzey, Software Developer for Vectorworks. This time, we caught up with Lighting & Set Designer Kevin Lee Allen.  You may know Kevin from the twitter world, @KLAD2688 or from his blog on design,

Kevin share some of his requirements for the entries into the SLDC.  He also offers some worldly advice. Ask me, you should listen to him! He is a professional, he does this for a living! It also helps that he knows Vectorworks Spotlight and Renderworks like the back of his hand! Take a 15 minute break and watch both Kevin Linzey and Kevin Lee Allen talk about what they are looking for and heed their advice!

Still lost on how to get started or need some advice? Head over to the resource center for the SLDC. Don’t for get, burn this into your mind, MARCH 29th.