Transparent Touch-Sensitive Displays; A Programmers Dream?


Admit it, we all love toys.  The biggest adult toy trade show has to be the Consumer Electronic Show, (CES).  It is taking place this week in Las Vegas. Every year, I make plans to go and then something comes up. So next year will be the year! Since I wasn’t able to go, I follow engadget all week long to see some of the cool new stuff coming out.  Not just for personal use, but things that might make an impact on the entertainment lighting business.

The first thing that caught my attention, a transparent touch-sensitive display. Yeah, yeah, don’t seem like anything new, but is it? Just like fruit on a tree, you have to give things time to ripen and fully develop before it can be harvested for mass consumption. Are transparent touch-screen displays ready? Who knows, but what is being offered at CES makes me want to try it out!

Pictured above, the IL WOO’s Transview display case with a couple of Samsung transparent panels. Sure, it is intended for product displays, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be adapted for our uses! Why is something like this handy for programmers?

One of the biggest problems with touch screens is that there is not touch feed back.  With your eyes glued on the stage to see the change, you have no idea if your finger has touched the correct button on the touch screen or not.  Sure, you can feel that you are touching the screen, but is it in the right spot on the display?

With a transparent touch-screen, you can look through the monitor at the stage with the button in line of sight. Or, a way out their idea…. Lining up the transparent display to show changes on stage in “blind”. It would overlay on the the physical stage and show what is coming up. I know, I know, a little far fetched. THOUGH, it could be useful no?

What do you think? Are transparent touch-screens a viable solution for the entertainment industry?

Image Via: endaget