Vari-Lite Releases 2D & 3D Symbols of Entire Line of VL Products

VARI-LITE CAD Symbols Sample

How important is drafting to you? Foolish question right? Have you ever drafted a plot using the “standard” symbols from your CAD supplier and found you wanted something a little bit more representational of your moving lights? Say, Vari-Lite’s line of fixtures?  For me, I like to see a little more detail in my plot to help distinguish the different types of fixtures I have hanging.

Sure, I can spend an hour or two creating/modifying symbols to till my hear is content. Time is money though! I tend not to have that kind of time just to make things pretty, I need to get it done!

Vari-Lite has just released their entire product line in 2D and 3D symbols for Vectorworks and AutoCad. From the example above, they look amazing. Both the 2D and 3D.  I couldn’t wait, I had to download and check them out myself and sure enough, they do look hot!

You can download the symbols from the Product Downloads page at Vari-Lite’s site. Here is a hint, click on any of the products and then go all the way to the bottom of the page to CAD Symbols.  The zip package includes the ENTIRE product range, not just the product you selected.  In that section of the download page, you’ll find the Vectorworks, AutoCad and PDFs packages.