Wind Meter + Wireless = Why Didn’t I Think Of That?!

oniPhone I know what you are think… WTF, wind meter?! Think about it, why could something like this be important to our industry.  Want to take a trip back to Indiana in 2011? Yeah, me either. Something simple can make the biggest differences.  take for instance, monitoring the weather. Sure a weather vein would tell the direction, but what about speed.  Wind speed can be pretty damaging to outdoor structures if it isn’t monitored.

A wind meter can accurately and constantly update the increasing or hopefully decreasing wind speeds.  Sound like an investment in equipment. NAH NAH says Etesian Technologies! They have developed a wireless wind sensor for use on outdoor stages. Here is a bit more from Etesian:

Etesian has added a web server option to our wireless anemometer system. Now you can have your critical wind data with you everywhere.  Any mobile device (and PC) can immediately access your wind measurements. iPhone, Android, Windows, OSX – any web browser brings you your real-time  sensor data.

ws+wd25pctHow cool is that!?! Place the wind sensor at the top of your rig and you have current wind conditions available at your finger tips! Learn more about the Etesian Technologies wireless wind sensor devices at their website,