Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20 & K10

A.leda B-EYE

Clay Paky has done it once again. At PLASA 2013, they launched a new and exciting fixture, the A.Leda B-EYE. There are two new fixtures in the series, the K20, (the larger of the two) and the K10.  I am going to stick with with K20 for the moment as it has something that the K10 doesn’t. And if you ask me, this one feature is what makes it stand out and blows minds away. More about that in a bit.

Both of the to fixtures feature individual pixel control. In the K20, it is 37 pixels, in the K10, 19. Each cell contains a 15 watt RGBW quad color LED. Both fixtures off a zoom range from 4-70 degrees. Not only is the B-EYE series a was fixture, they can function as beam projection fixtures and even a graphic or eye device.

Here is what sets the K20 a part not just from the K10, it’s little brother, but almost any other fixture on the market. The front lens rotates. Yes, read that again, the front lens rotates.  At first that might not sound to impressive.  Here are the specifics behind it.  The LED engines are fixed, they do not move with the lens. The individual lenses on the front are rounded, something we have seen before.  Here is where the magic happens with the K20. With the LEDs on, the front lens assembly rotating, the beams of light seem to bend and warp. It is all in the round shape of the lens.  Think about how light passes through a round lens. When you move the lens acorss the beam, it seems to change direction.  Now spin a bunch of lens in front of the static LEDs, BAM, a whole new dimension.  Having a hard time picturing this? Let the tape role and explain it all.

Impressive no? You can learn more about the K20 & K10 B-EYE at Clay Paky’s website.