First #TBT for 2016 – Going WAY BACK

For the first #TBT, (Throw Back Thursday) post of 2016, we are going to the WAY BACK and featuring the original design that iSquint started out with in 2008. Yes, that is eight years ago!  It is crazy to look back and compare the original site design and compare it to the current design.  So much has changed in standards, taste and overall good webpage design.

Throughout the day, we’ll feature some of the first post that got us started along with some of the most popular post from the past eight years.  And yes, the original design featured music when you first load the site.  Kinda forgot about that! What were we thinking?!? Maybe it was suppose to get you the read motivated? Perhaps it was something else.  It has been too long!

As we move forward into 2016, look for more great content, updates and news from around the industry. Here’s to looking back at the past 8 years while we look forward to the New Year and beyond!