Wybron is BACK… At least their Scroller Parts Are


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the name Wybron comes back to life in the industry. Though not as the company once was. Instead of offering their well-known and much loved products, Wybron has resurfaced as Wybron Scroller Parts.  For 30+ years, Wybron scrollers were THE color scrollers in the industry. Everyone had one and loved them. The Wybron scrollers were and continue to be popular. Even though the company was closed in 2013, Wybron scrollers are still in constant use. As with any product, sometimes things break. Whether from abuse of just wear-and-tear, parts are needed to bring things back to life.

Founder of Wybron, Keny Whitright has recognized the need and demand for support and replacement parts for his much loved color scrollers and has launched a new company, Wybron Scroller Parts, (www.wybron-scroller-parts.com).

More from the Press Release:
Industry veteran Keny Whitright has announced the formation of Wybron Scroller Parts. Whitright founded and ran Wybron, inventors of the scrolling color changers, from 1980 through 2013. Said Whitright, “Wybron parts continue to be in demand as the high quality Wybron products continue to be specified for projects from the recent Broadway shows, The King and I, On Your Feet, and Honeymoon in Vegas to the spectacular recent upgrades at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu Hawaii.”

Per Whitright, Wybron Scroller Parts will be the trusted supplier of genuine Wybron parts for many of the products that were made until 2013. The online store is organized by product family and model number and includes photo references. Support features include all available product owners manuals and, coming soon, repair tutorials and mounting plate cross reference with additional parts being added weekly.