Field Template Releases **finally** SoftSymbols for Vectorworks 2017

Steve Shelly’s long awaited update to his SoftSymbols library for Vectorworks has FINALLY been updated and released! If you use Vectorworks for drafting, you need to include Field Template’s Soft Symbols to your Resources.  You may ask yourself, “but why, Vectorworks includes a pretty extensive library already!”. Yes, that is true, but they don’t offer everything.  Neither does SoftSymbols, but they add many that Vectorworks does not have.  Steve puts countless hours into building and maintaining his library. 

Some of the new additions to the SoftSymbols Library

  • Ayrton 3.9 – The complete DreamPanel, Breamspot, Magic Panel, Blade, Dot fixture ranges
  • Clay Paky 3.9 – K-EYE K10 & K20 HCR, Scenius, Unico and more
  • ETC 3.9 – ALL LED variations
  • Martin 3.9 – Mac Quantum, Quantum Wash, Axion Hybrid and the entire RUSH series
  • Robe 3.9 – The Spider, Spikie, Cyclone, Viva, MMX, BMFL and more
  • Vari-Lite 3.9 – The complete VL-4000 Series, VLX, VLZ and VL-6000

SoftSymbol™ 3.x Packages on SALE!
Did we forget to mention the SALE? Purchase ANY combination of SoftSymbols Enhanced 3.x Packs with a combined value over $100, and receive 30% off the total order. Buy a $100 of SoftSymbols, get $30 off; buy $200 of SoftSymbols, get $60 off. You get the idea. Whatever you buy, you’ll get the 30% discount. No matter if they are 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, or 3.9. Any SoftSymbol packs, purchased together. Click through to get the discount Code.

Learn more about Field Template’s SoftSymbols for Vectorworks 2017

More from the Press Release Steve’s Love Letter:

Hi folks;

No joke! Field Template finally released Enhanced SoftSymbols in the Vectorworks 2017 format. If you’ve been waiting to update your symbol packages, the wait is over!

In addition to updated 3.x packages, the Vw2017 Enhanced Packs include Sam Jones’ latest Data Conversion macros [from imperial to metric and back again], along with SoftMaps© and SoftData© pdf’s representing each Object Library.

There’s also the updated “Read Me First REALLY-Vw2017.pdf”, showing illustrated explanations of the new Vw2017 environment, including the new Resource Manager. Additional topics include best-practice tactics for installing custom symbol libraries, updating earlier symbol libraries [using the Batch Convert command], and creating User Folders.

To that end, we’ve added the “Read Me First REALLY-2017.pdf and the “Read Me First REALLY-2016.pdf” to the Downloads Dropdown Menu.

In the meantime, we’ve got to take a bit time off to work on a show or two. But once we get back to the mouse, we hope to update and add to these libraries. Sorry for the delay getting these packages out the door, but it’s just been one of those seasons of too many plates, not enough sticks.

Thanks as always for your support. Please let us know if you spot any anomalies. And best wishes for a safe, profitable spring.

Happy Drafting,