What is iSquint?

iSquint.net covers new technologies and services within the entertainment lighting industry. iSquint specifically cover new and interesting products that working professionals, students and enthusiast in the industry want to know about. iSquint also provides reviews and greater understanding of lighting products by talking with industry professionals and testing out and reviewing lighting gear.

iSquint features original content such as the iSquint Podcast and video tutorials and product tours on our YouTube Channel.  Also on the iSquint YouTube Channel, you can see video content from manufacturers and readers. Each month, iSquint.net talks with a working professional about their views about new products and technologies with in the lighting field.  We cover all of that in our monthly column, Where is the Industry Heading.

The Goal

Keep you, our readers informed, plain and simple.

iSquint tries to bring you the last information about new products, technologies and services within the industry.  I travel to trade shows and conferences to talk to industry leaders and professionals to get he inside scoop for you. From time to time, I cover safety practices and what not to do articles.

Why iSquint?

I am a squint, therefore, iSquint.  Pretty simple!  But seriously, why I do I write and publish on iSquint?  I hear about a lot of new products and technologies pretty early in their development, so I started iSquint as way to share that information. Think of it was my personal way of giving back.  I don’t ask anything from you other then your thoughts and comments.  Yes, now and then I do ask for personal information, but that is covered in the Privacy Policy.

Who is behind iSquint?

Good question!

Who We Are Not

We are not associated with the the video encoding program called isquint.  That program is End of Life, but you can still find support for that program at isquint.org.