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Jands Vista Preparing to Release Byron Into the Wild

Jands Vista Preparing to Release Byron Into the Wild

Back at PLASA 09, Jands Vista introduced their latest software upgrade to their Vista line of consoles, Byron.  Jands had demo’s of Byron running at LDI 09, but alas, I did not get a chance to see Byron running in person.  But since then, I have meet Byron and he is a pretty cool dude, […]

Review: Pathport Touring Edition Node

Last year, right before LDI, we did a pre show announcement about Pathway Connectivity preparing to announce their latest DMX node called the Parthport Touring Edition.  After a couple months of refinement and beta testing and getting the bugs worked out, Pathway has begun to ship the Touring Edition Node.  The folks at Pathway Connectivity […]

Announcement: iPhone PocketLD Application

Right before LDI this year in Las Vegas, Michael Zinman announced the release of PocketLD for the Apple iPhone application.  The PocketLD is a database and calculation tool for the entertainment lighting professional.  With PocketLD, you are able to enter the throw distance that you require, then select a manufacturer of a particular lighting fixture […]

Robe: DigitalSpot 7000DT & 3000DT

Robe Lighting introduced two new lighting fixtures at LDI this year in Las Vegas, the DigialSpot 7000DT and the DigitalSpot 3000DT.  Both of these fixtures are Digital projection luminaries that not only project video images, but function as light instruments.  Robe jump head first into the digital projection market with these fixtures and touted at […]

Robe: DreamBox

Robe Lighting announced a new product to their digital media product light at LDI this year in Las Vegas called the DreamBox.  To be more precise, the DreamBox was truely introduced to the lighting world this year at the PLASA show in the UK. The DreamBox is a multi-functional tool box with 2 DMX ports […]

Elektralite LXE 700 Wash and Profile

Elektralite was showing off some of their latest products at LDI this year in Las Vegas at the Group One Limited booth. The two newest products form Elekralite is the LXE 700 Wash and Profile units.  The LXE 700 series of moving lights from Elekrtalite are huge step for them as these are the largest […]

GAM Products: 24 New Metal Gobo’s

Great American Products (GAM) announced at LDI 2008 in Las Vegas 24 new standard metal gobo’s to there product line.  All of the new gobo’s are offered in the standard A (75mm) or B (64.5mm) size.  While we are not definate, most of these new gobo’s should be offered in M (49.5mm) size as well. […]

The Light Source: Mega-Folder

The Light Source added a new hanging hardware item to their line up this year at LDI in Las Vegas called the Mega-Folder.  The Mega-Folder is designed to fit almost any moving yoke light fixture.  The shear geniuos about about this hardware is the ability for the clamps to lay flat against the fixture for […]

LDI 2008: Photos on Flickr

We are still compiling all the latest and greatest products announced and released at LDI this year.  While you patiently wait for us to get things organized, we have been looking around Flickr for photos attendee’s have taken on the show floor. The first set that we have found are by user Steven Truitt or […]

LDI 2008: Come And Gone…Thoughts?

The LDI 2008 show in Las Vegas has come and gone.  A lot of things are crammed into three days on the Expo floor.  There were a bunch of new products announced, released and hinted at.  We are still in the process to putting all of this things into one coherent listing for easy review. […]

Count Down To LDI 2008

With LDI opening up right around the corner at the Las Vegas Convention Center, we have put together a listing of Booths to see with some of the latest and greatest product to come out on the market.  While this is not a complete listing, look for things missed during and after the show. SeaCahnger […]

Looking Towards LDI: SeaChanger’s Latest Products

SeaChanger, the makes of the Dichroic CMY color mixing engine for the Source 4 are planning on announcing three new products at LDI in Las Vegas on October 24 – 26.  The first product has origins in the core basics of the mother company of SeaChanger, Ocean Optics, called the ColorBUG. The ColorBUG is an […]