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Happy Holidays From iSquint

Happy Holidays From iSquint

It is that time of the year when we look back and reflect on what a year 2009 has been and all of the wonderful memories we had.  It is also a time to be thankful for the loved ones and friends we have.  So on this, the 2009 Holiday Season, I want to wish […]

JR Clancy: Cable Management for Lighting Battens

In JR Clancy’s September Rigging Report email, they cover the topic of Cable Management for Lighting Battens.  They cover the importance of proper cable management not only form a safety stance, but also a cost savings. If you work under light battens for a living, read this rigging report.  It will make you think about […]

ETC’s January 2009 Vision Newsletter

If you don’t already get the quarterly e-newsletter from ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), we would highly recommend sign up for it by logging into MyETC through their website,  This quarters newsletter shows the lighter side of ETC.  While there are no mentions of up coming products or updates on the nest line of consoles […]