Current Category: What Not to Do PSA #2 – How Not To Call Tech Support

Do you own or operate a lighting console?  Chances are that at some point in your career that you will need to call Tech Support to ask a question or figure out how to recover a console that someone else broke.  Cat and Joe from have put together an0ther PSA on How To Call […]

ETC Warns about unlicensed HPL lamps

In a recent press release from Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), they warn end users about using cheap Chinese knock off’s of the HPL lamp with in the source four fixture. Recently, an unlicensed, six-filament Chinese-made lamp has appeared in the U.S., marketed as an HPL source. One distributor is advertising this lamp under the name […]

Strand Lighting SLD96 vs Walkie Talkie

We received another email from faithful reader TN with a link back to YouTube with a pretty interesting video having to deal with Walkie-Talkies and a Strand SLD96.  While what is happening is not really explained, it does give some good pointers.  Don’t use a walkie Talkie around a strand rack!