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Squint Abroad: Language Barriers

Squint Abroad: Language Barriers

We understand from a basic study of history that cultural and language barriers have been points of contention and difficulty for thousands of years.  Construction of the tower of Babel was halted when the masons were no longer able to communicate in the same tongue.  It’s safe to say that in the event production industry, we have moved […]

Fresh Perspective on LDI 2010

Think back to the first time you were at an LDI conference. Chances are you make it to the show almost every year nowadays, and have probably forgotten the magic you felt the first time you hit the trade show floor. It’s doubtful you remember that first amazing product an exhibitor demoed for you in […]

Which Pizza Do You Prefer?

ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) had a celebration at the factory in Middleton, WI this past friday. At the event, pizza was brought in to kick off the new Selador Series by ETC. To help illustrate the color difference 7 LED’s make over the traditional 3 color LED fixture, ETC asked, Which Pizza Would You Prefer? […]

Rumor Spreading via Twitter – “Magenta is not a color”

Reading through some twitter feeds today, we saw a tweet about how there is a rumor spreading through twitter that the color magenta is not a color. In an online article on The Neurostimulation Technology Portal by Liz Elliott entitled “Magenta Ain’t A Colour“, Liz claims that the color magenta is not part of the […]