Console Critter

Console Critter, iSquint

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Do you get lonely when at a console for hours at a time? Everyone gone home and you are left in a dark space… Just you and a console fixing things? Have no fear, Console Critter is here!

The all new Console Critter will sit on an monitor or console watching you work and keeping you company. This 8′ long plush toy is perfectly designed to take what ever foul language you throw at it and keep on “smiling” back at you. If you fancy a chat, the Console Critter is always listening. Need a second opinion, The Console Critter always has a thumbs up for you.*

Don’t have a monitor or console to hang your Critter off of? No worries, the Console Critter loves Littlites or any other goose neck style console or desk lamp!

*thumbs not included or available.