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Try to include all the information we will need to write an informative article for our readers. Answer these questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? or How Much? Please double-check the spelling of names and places and include an email address that we can contact you at for clarification or questions.

If you have a photograph that would help illustrate the story, send it along. Remember, we cannot be responsible for the photos, and we don’t return them.

We read every one of the hundreds of news releases we receive each month, but we can’t publish all of them. If your information is timely and we consider it useful to our readers, it will be prepared for publication. If possible we would like two to three weeks’ notice about an event you think we should be covering.

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Attention marketing managers, if you are a manufacturer of lighting products or services, please add our press release email address to your mailing list. All press releases will be evaluated and posted immediately to our site.

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