Goddard Design Starts Shipping DMXter4 RDM

dmxter4_rdmGoddard Design, the makers of the Lil’DMXter and the Lil’DMXter2 have released and started to ship the newest addition to their DMX testing devices, the DMXter4 RDM.

The DMXter4 is simple to use. Eight buttons run its menu-driven software.  The DMXter4 uses a backlit 40-character display. Some functions can drive a PC using the USB port. Software updates done via the USB port.  The unit comes in a rugged water-resistant case, tough enough to ride in your tool kit or cable hamper. It is the only DMX tester that includes a built-in AC charger for its internal rechargeable battery. Slot levels and most other displays available in three display formats – percent, decimal or hexadecimal. The DMXter4 should be easily used by anyone who has used a Lil’DMXter; however you will see and feel many subtle improvements.

The DMXter4 RDM has many of the same features found on the older units but improved for easy of use as well as new functions added. Listed below are some of the functions that the DMXter4 RDM is capable of.

Transmit: The DMXter4 supports nine different user controlled transmit modes. The major  transmit parameters, or flavors, can be set over a wide range to allow simulation of almost all DMX controller  timings. The DMXter4 supports all START Codes. The DMXter4 will support a growing set of Remote Device Management (E1.20 RDM) routines. See our RDM data sheet for details.

Receive: The DMXter4 continues and expands our industry leading receive and  analysis routines for DMX512. It measures more parameters to a higher precision than earlier DMXters. Slot levels are now displayed in either a numeric or graphic display format. The graphic interface allows 32 slots to be viewed at once. RDM analysis programs are under development.

Cable Tester: Testing a cable for electrical continuity is not the same as testing it for data transmission continuity. The DMXter4 tests cables using actual data. DMXter4 provides two different ways to check DMX cables. One mode allows you to test cables when both ends are not available in the same place.

Flicker Finder: Goddard Design pioneered Flicker Finder to verify system stability. If your lighting system is haunted, this is the routine that you need!

Multichannel Mode: Test multichannel devices with the Multichannel mode. Particularly helpful when working with multichannel devices (like moving lights), Multichannel mode lets you define a number of similar fixtures in a contiguous block.

Receive Scope Trigger: All DMXters provide an output that may be used to sync an oscilloscope to the DMXter.  Optionally you can use our hardware kit to sync an oscilloscope to any DMX12 data stream.

New Power Supply Design: The DMXter4 is still the only tester to operate or charge from the AC mains without an external supply. The DMXter4 has a new computer controlled charger and battery management system. This allows faster charging and better battery protection. The DMXter4 can operate from AC  immediately, even with a discharged battery.

USB Port: The DMXter4 supports USB connection to personal computers. This is used for software updates which can be installed in the field. It will be used to support  more detailed data views than can easily be viewed on a 20 by 2 line display. It will also allow full alpha numeric entry when appropriate. The most up to date  information on using the USB port is posted on our web site.

For more information on the DMXter4 RDM visit Goddard Designs website at www.goddarddesign.com.  You can purchase the DMXter4 RDM online at Goddards website or contact your local dealer for pricing.  The DMXter4 RDM retails for $975.00.