Lex Products Introduces the Ethernet Snake

Just heard from the good people at Lex Products. They have introduced a new line of Data Products for the entertainment industry called the EthernetSNAKE™.

Straight from the mouths at lex…

Lex Products is pleased to introduce the 4 Channel Cat5e Ethernet Snake. This data multicable combines 4 Cat5e Ethernet lines into one, reducing the number of cables that need to be installed and rolled up, saving time, tape, space, and aggravation.  The cable is of superior quality, with an overall tour-grade Thermosplastic-Elastomer jacket for durability and flexibility. Available with either traditional RJ45 connectors or Neutrik® Ethercon® heavy duty connectors to fit all Ethernet applications.  Benefits include:  Easily to install and strike one cable instead of four extremely flexible for ease of coiling and uncoiling.  Heavy-duty, tour-grade cable is long-lasting and can endure tough, rough usage.

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