Looking Towards LDI: Doug Fleenor Design Wireless LED Power Supply

Doug Fleenor Design or aka Dr. DMX, the provider of unique and industry standard DMX distribution devices is announcing a new product at LDI this week, the Wireless LED100 Power Supply.

The totally wireless LED100 power supply is targeted at the event industry. Whereas wireless supplies intended for threater may power a luminary for several minutes, the event power supplies must power the luminary for several hours. The LED100 powers a Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 for six hours when on full (100% white) and 24 hours on a rolling color fade. Features include W-DMX wireless control, absorptive-glass-mat sealed lead acid batteries, a built in charger, a battery voltmeter, and a five year warranty.

Doug Fleenor Design also makes a Wireless LED300 Power Supply that even more LED products from such manufacturers as Color Kinetics by Philips, and other DMX devices such as the Chroma-Q gel scroller and gobo rotators from Apollo Design.

Doug Fleenor Design will be showing of the LED100 and the LED300 as well as other wonderful DMX devices that they make at LDI in Las Vegas on October 24 – 26.  To see the LED100 or any of their other products visit their booth, 656 or visit their website at www.dfd.com.