Looking Towards LDI: Kobold DE200 & DE400 for ETC Source 4

Kobold by Bon has announced that they will be releasing and demoing some of their latest products at LDI next week.  While Kobold by Bron is typically a TV & Film lighting manufacturer, they have developed a product that can be utilized in the Theatre and Production Market.

Kobold by Bron makes a product call the All-Weather 200, 400 and 800 watt HMI lighting fixture.  They have adapted the rear burner assembley of their 200 and 400 watt fixtures to mount to a ETC source 4 Jr. Zoom, the industry standard in conventional lighting. This adaptation utilizes three custom components to create a very even projected daylight source. The Adapter Plate that attaches to the Jr. Zoom with one 3mm hex screw; the Ceramic Socket Extension, which due to the short physical dimension of the 200W HMI SE lamp, Bron has developed a ceramic socket extension to place the lamp in the optimal position for the Source Four Jr. Zoom’s reflector; and the 200W frost HMI SE lamp that creates a very even light spread at any zoom position, and can be further dialed in using the focus mechanism on the DW 200 lamp base. This daylight option for the Source Four Jr. Zoom will give you 2/3 more light output than with the standard 575W tungsten lamp and consume 1/3 the power.

Visit Kobold by Bron at LDI Show in Las Vegas at the Convention Center by visiting their booth at 3427.