Rumor Mill: Vari-lite Working on an LED Wash Unit

It has been heard through the rumor mill that Vari-Lite is working on an LED wash unit. From un-named sources that attended LDI this year in Las Vegas, Vari-lite, one of the top producers of moving lights in the industry is researching and developing a moving yoke fixture that uses high intensity LEDs.  In the back rooms at the show, select persons were allowed demonostrations of this rumored LED fixture.  While details are few and far behind, the new LED fixture is said to out perform Vari-lites own VL5000 wash unit in inensity even when the LED fixture is running at half the capacity of the power supply to drive the LEDs. Once a power supply is ready to fully drive the LEDs correctly, the intersity can only increase.

No time frame has been overheard of when this fixture may be ready for market or even announced to the public.  One can only assume that hints will start to drop mid next year.