Sennheiser’s Update on the New Wireless Spectrum

Sennheiser has put together a press release about the status and updates on the new wireless spectrum that the government is auctioning off soon and how it pretains to the entertainment wireless microphones.

Many questions have surfaced in recent weeks over the actions of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding digital television, spectrum re-allocation, and wireless microphone technology.  These actions have an impact on the current professional wireless microphones.  The following information is published in order to reduce misunderstanding about these issues.

Some questions anwsered in the press release:

  • How is the TV spectrum being reallocated?
  • Is this the White Space issue I’ve been hearing about?
  • What is the White Space debate?
  • What has Sennheiser been doing regarding the White Space debate?
  • What about the future?

The release also covers explanation of recent FCC activity and where to find more information on the FCC’s website. You can also find Technical Reports on teh White Space also avilable from the FCC’s website.

Download Sennheiser’s Straight Talk about the Future of Wireless Microphones here.