ETC Introduces Fire and Ice LED Fixtures

ETC Selador X7I just had a chance to talk with Mrs. Smith from ETC about their latest LED product, the Selador Fire and ICE LED fixtures.  ETC has taken the X7 11 fixture and reduce to colors to make two versions of a more intense wash fixture.  With the Fire fixture, you are able to achive deep, brighter reds as the cooler colors have been reduce in number in the fixture.  Additionally, with the Ice fixture, it is the opposite, the red or warmers color LEDs has been reduced to give cooler brighter and more robust blues.

When combining the fixture together and mixing the fixtures, you are able to create a bright white and even more color possibilities.  What is awesome to note about the either the Fire and Ice, the output in lumens is at least DOUBLE that of a Source Four Par with an HPL750 lamp.

Shipping of the fixture is expected to begin the first quarter of 2010.

Please note that the image above is of a Vivid 11 and not the Fire or Ice LED fixture.