ETC iPhone/iPod Touch iRFR App Update

iRFR Start up ScreenDoing our morning stroll around the internet, we noticed that ETC’s David Lincecum has posted an interesting and insightful update on the progress of ETC’s iPhone/iPod Touch app, the iRFR at the companies blog, Light Minds Think Alike.

The post gives us an insight to the delay of the release of the app due to ETC’s rigorous software testing and development.  Thus showing ETC’s commitment to providing products that meet their high standards of excellence and usability.

The post also mentions how ETC may have jumped the gun on announcing, demoing and advertising the iPhone app before completion and submitted to the iTunes App Store may have been less then a good idea. ETC has received numerous request for not only the app, but more information about it and when it might be available.  At the moment, the only thing the marketing department is saying at this point is “I hear that the iRFR is “almost done””.

We have not been able to confirm any information about when the app may be ready and available to the public.  We do know that the app will cost around $50. USD and that either all the proceeds or part of the proceeds will be donated to Behind the Scenes or Light Relief.