ETC Releases Eos/Ion Software Version 1.8


We noticed on ETC website that they have released Software Version 1.8 for the Eos and Ion consoles.  Some of the major additions to the software is Mirror Mode.

Mirror Mode is used to mirror the displays of another device. When a device is in mirror mode, the only action allowed from that device is paging via the page keys and shut down/start up. When a device in mirror mode pages, it also pages the host.

Mirror mode is intended primarily to allow a designer or assistant to see the exact same displays as a programmer on the system. It can be used on any device on the network, including the primary processor. Any device being mirrored is referred to as the Host.

The other add-on to Version 1.8 is Fan for moving lights

Fan provides the ability to spread parameter and timing values in a range across a channel  selection set and have those values be evenly spaced. Fan is applied by channel selection or group order. By default, fan operation is from the start channel.

As with all software updates for the Eos and Ion lighting console, the update is a free download from ETC’s web site