iSquint Podcast: Episode 3 – Squintin’ at the grandMA2

iSquint PodcastIn this, the third episode of the iSquint Podcast, I got a chance to sit down with Brian Dowd and Joe Cabera from ACT Lighting to talk about the grandMA2 lighting desk. Joe and Brian were kind enough to take time out of their very busy trade show duties to sit down and explain to me some of the differences between the grandMA and the grandMA2 hardware and software.

Cat West and Joe Cabera released a preview of the interview that we did on their website called titled Squintin’ at the grandMA2. You can check out the video at their site as well as ACT Lighting’s Blog. And no, Joe did not lose his legs during the interview!

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Side Note: I have heard from some readers that there is a little game that they like to play with the iSquint Podcast. The third episode unintentionally continues to provide that level of entertainment.  Let’s just say, the grandMA2 is impressive. ;)

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