JR Clancy Announces New Batten End Caps


JR Clancy Recently announced the release of a new Batten End cap that allows flexiable numbering of battens.  The new batten end cap allsows rigging ops the ability to quickly and easily number and identify battens from the deck or the grid.

More from the Press Release:

The bright yellow plastic end caps cover the ends of standard pipe battens.  The new end caps feature a writeable surface on which rigging technicians can record the batten number using a permanent marker. If additional linesets are added during production, the operator can simply move the end caps, adding the new batten’s number on its end cap.

“The batten number has to correspond with the rope lock and line set at the rail, or with the line set number on automated controls – or technicians will find themselves moving the wrong line set,” said Tom Young, J. R. Clancy Vice-President of Marketing. “Now we’ve made it easy to coordinate the batten number and the controls, which will help theatre staff avoid incorrect cues – and even accidents – onstage.”

The end caps also include a space to record set capacity information, so users will know exactly how much weight each batten can hold – and when the batten is over capacity.  “Far too many users have no idea what their set capacities are,” said Young.  “By making these new end caps available, we hope to reduce the number of hazardous situations created by overloaded battens and out-of-balance loads.”

To learn more about the Batten End Cap, visit JR Clancy’s website at www.jrclancy.com.