LDI09: Rumor Mill – Behind Closed Doors

ETC-vault-BHFFWe love rumors around the industry here on iSquint and it seems like LDI will be the starting off point for some rumors to start spreading.

So what sort of rumors have been mumbled about around the industry with LDI right around the corner?

Lets first take a look at ETC, (Electronic Theatre Controls).  We have heard mumblings that their control line up of consoles is not complete yet.  So could this mean the release of a new console soon?  Details on this rumored new console that we are naming after our favorite alien, ET, are very scares. But we may be able to get a better understanding at LDI next month.

Next from Philips Strand, we have been hearing this phrase, Open Palette.  We are quite sure this is a new console, but open?  With the use of such a word as Open, we can only assume that means it will be an Open Platform in sorts similar to Open Source Code where users have the ability to customize features and/or layouts.

Certainly not last, will an LED ellipsoidal spot light be announced at LDI?  There is a huge race to be the first to the market with this.  But if something is rushed and not ready, there could be a huge backlash from the industry.  An LED ellipsoidal will happen, but when?


Look like we were wrong about the strand Open Palette.  Seems like it has been around for a while!

Strand OpenPalette