Lex Product Prepares to Announce Slim Dimmers

Slim-DimmerXLLex Product is set to announce a new dimmer to their Electrol product line, the Slim Dimmer.

The Slim Dimmer is designed for the TV, photography and motion picture industries.  With a compact and durable design, the Slim Dimmer offers 1.8kW of dimming power with on board fader control. It is idea for portable lighting kits or where ever a quick dimmer is needed.

The Slim Dimmer utilizes a long throw fader for local control which provides excellent control resolution. It is designed so that the slider and front face are protected by a guard and has a 3 digit intensity display that allows for multiple units to be intensity matched.

Pricing information has not been released yet.  Heck, we can’t even find it on the Lex web site yet, www.lexproducts.com.  Look for more information in the near future here on isquint.