Martin Introduces MAXRemote iPhone App

Martin MAXRemoteDuring LDI 2009, Martin announced that they released the MAXRemote iPhone App.  The MAXRemote is an iPhone App to remotely connect to the Martin Maxxzy and Maxxyz PC lighting consoles.

MAXRemote discovers remote lighting devices automatically and allows for manipulation of fixtures, presets, channels and more when users connect to a Maxxyz.

Multi-touch belts in the parameter view allow for manipulation of DMX values with great precision. A pan/tilt control even allows for control of a moving light’s pan and tilt via the iPhone or iPod touch’s built-in accelerometer.

Users can control color values in both CMY and RGB modes with support for Lee, Rosco and GAM filters. Users can also trigger cuelists with Go, Pause and Release commands. An offline mode allows anyone to experience MAXRemote without the need to have it connected to a Maxxyz system.


  • Automatic discovery
  • Controls Maxxyz remotely
  • Black skin for dark environments
  • Integrated help
  • Passcode protected
  • Saves show data for fast follow up synchronization
  • Controls all fixtures in a show
  • Integrated fixture search
  • Create and edit presets
  • Pan/Tilt view with built-in accelerometer support under sensor mode
  • Color picker with support for Lee, Rosco and GAM filters
  • Easy manipulation of all DMX channels
  • Fast menu appears when shaking device (clears values quickly)
  • Browse through fixture groups in a cover flow-like interface under landscape mode
  • Start, pause and release cuelists, chases, etc.
  • Exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch

The Martin MAXRemote requires a Maxxyz controller, but Martin has included a demo show file with the download to test out the MAXRemote to see how the app works.  There was a some concerns brought up right after the release of the MAXRemote that parts of the app were a little to similar to Synthe FX Luminaire iPhone App.  From what I understand, Martin and Synthe FX are talking and working out the issues.

MAXRemote is a free download from the iTunes App Store.