MIA: grandMA2 With Series 2 Software


For to long we have been waiting for news on the release of the grandMA2.  Well, that has come and gone.  The grandMA2 may be out and in the wild, it is lacking one important thing, Series 2 software that the console was designed for! The grandMA2 hardware may be out on tours and in some production houses right now, most likely all of them are running series 1 software as the grandMA2 hardware can switch between series 1 and series 2.

We hear that there are versions of series 2 software running around and is VERY close to release, but it is not production ready. We have heard that current version of the Series 2 software are very close to being complete, the software is just to “safe” for live production use yet.

We give props to MA Lighting for not releasing series 2 software wen it is not ready.  While we would have loved to see the new software sooner, we would rather have software that works correctly the first time and not need constant updating with fixes and patches from software that is just not ready.

Look for more information about the grandMA2 and series 2 software in the near future!