Published in this Months Issue of PLSN

PLAN December 2009 Print Header

During LDI this year, I had one heck of a crazy schedule with meetings, lunches, dinners, parties, product demos and of course walking the show floor for two days straight. One of the highlights of my trip was sitting down and having a lovely dinner and chat with the Editor of PLSN, (Projection Lights & Staging News), Mr. Richard Cadena. After just a couple of moments talking with Mr. Cadena, Richard, I was in awe of his vast knowledge and insights of the lighting industry. Richard has some amazing stories as well a deep and profound passion for the industry to which we share. He and PLSN are a real asset to this industry of ours.

During the course of our dinner, we talked about different aspects of the industry and what new and interesting things that we had seen on the show floor.  Even though I was on the show for for 16 hours and the LDI show was smaller in size compared to previous shows, you would think that would be plenty of time to see everything on the show floor, how untrue that is.  While going over the things that we had seen, it was amazing to hear of things that I missed as well as tell Richard about somethings he missed. It is at that point Richard asked me to write a show report for his publication, PLSN. I was and still am honored to do so. Thank you Richard for this opportunity to share my opinion of the show in your publication.

You can download my show report of LDI that was printed in this months issue of PLSN.  If you would like to read the entire magazine, you should subscribe to it here to get the print version.  To help tide you over until the print version arrives, you can download the PDF version here from PLSN.

Thank you once again to Mr. Cadena and PLSN for this opportunity. It was a real treat and pleasure for me to share my experiences at LDI.

Side Note: I only was able to walk the LDI show for for two days and still did not get a chance to see and talk with everyone.  Maybe that is why there are three days of the LDI show. Next year I will just have to catch the Red Eye home!