Re-Launch of – A Week Long Celebration

Week Long Celebration!!!That’s right, after months of planning, coding, skyping and sleepless nights, I am proud to announce the re-launch and one year celebration of While we have certainly been online for over a year now, I felt it appropriate to celebrate our first year online during the week of LDI. It was this time last year that iSquint really broke out on to the scene and started to make a splash on your monitor with coverage of the LDI show.

This year, we are going to be covering the LDI Show Live, on the show floor.  Not only from here on the NEW iSquint, but also from our twitter feed, @iSquint and our LDI 2009 Flickr Set. Bringing you more in depth coverage.

So, what is this week long celebration thing all about?  First, thank you! iSquint is written for you, the lighting squint. Things are constantly changing in the lighting industry so you can always find the latest information here. So, with the plug out of the way, let’s begin the celebration!

We have contracted just a couple of lighting manufacturers about sponsoring our re-launch and celebration.  In return, they have generously donated prizes for iSquint to hand out. How does it work?  Easy, add a comment to this article with your name, email address, (which is not public) and a comment, I love comments.  Write anything you like, the important part is your name and email address.  That way I can contact you!

Everyday this week, I will be randomly picking a name from the comments at noon, EST each day starting Monday and ending Friday. The noon time winners will receiving a nice little prize pack with almost each of our sponsors represented. Also, during the week, I will be randomly drawing a name from the comments for smaller prizes from one of our sponsors. Then, finally on Saturday at noon, we will draw our finial and last winner for the grand prize.  What is it?  Guess you’ll just have to enter won’t you!

The fun does not stop there, we have one last surprise for everyone on Saturday night at the #LDI09tweetup.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of our re-launch sponsors for donating all of these great prizes. I hope you enjoy the new layout.  If you notice anything strange or not right, please let me know through the What Do You Think form. Thank you once again and let’s get the party started!

UPDATE: Winners

Monday Noon Winner: DenGas144

Tuesday Noon Winner: Mark Scott

Wednesday Noon Winner: Joseph Tolle

Thursday Noon Winner: Sean Forsythe

Friday Noon Winner: Tim Thistleton