Rumor Confirmed: ETC Set To Release iPhone App

etc_iphone_rfuWe received a message from one of our sources that ETC is prepared to release an iPhone App called the iRFR.  While information is a little scares at the moment, we have some details.  The iRFR  (iPhone Radio Focus Remote), is designed to work on all the newer boards released by ETC through wireless networking or WiFi.

What is unique about the iRFR is that while ETC’s programmers developed the software, the proceeds of each sales will be donated to the ESTA Foundations, Behind the Scenes and the UK equivalent, Light Relief.

The iRFR iPhone/iPod Touch app will be made avilable trough iTunes. There has been no mention of a price of the iPhone app through iTunes or an actual release date. We are expecting to see a demo of the iPhone app at USITT next week in Cincinnati.