Rumor Mill: Axon Media Server Update Soon


We have heard through the grape vein the Highend Systems is getting ready to release an update to the Axon Media servers, DL.2 and DL.3 fixtures.  When the update will be released has not been confirmed but rumors are aloft that the update should hit the street with in the month.

Some of the new features in v1.5 include:

  • New Graphic Effects include: , UVtoTransparent, HStoGray, HStoTransparent, Textureshift, LensGrid
  • Additional CMA info added. The details view in the CMA now displays: Movie Length, Resolution, Frame Rate, Frame Count
  • Segmented Collage New Collage mode added to allow for pre-sliced content for each fixture so that very high resolution Collages are available.
  • SDI PAL capabilities added. DL.3 and Axon can now select between NTSC and PAL inputs.
  • Content Encoding Scanning.
  • Frame Blending slow motion playback.

For more information on the DL.2, DL.3 and the Axon Media Servers, visit Highends website at