Rumor Mill: New Wybron iPhone App


Our spy camera’s are every where these days. Including deep with in the mountains of Colorado Spring at Wybron‘s worldwide headquarters.  It is rumored that Wybron is set to release a new iPhone/iPod Touch app for lighting professionals any day now.  From the Mr. Blurry camera shot, it looks like some sort of Gobo library.  From what we can tell from the photo is that gobo’s will be able to spin at a scalable RPM as well as in or out of focus based on sliders on the bottom.  The gobo appears to be GAM’s gobo 206, Traccery Window.  We are assuming that the library would have all the major player’s that produce gobo’s but can not confirm it at this time.

When questioned about the rumored iPhone app, Wybron was quick to say nothing other then “How did you know???”.  While they did not directly confirm the rumor, in a way they did.  Look for more information to follow in the next couple of days.