Spotrack Presents Stage Performer Tracking System

Spotrack LogoHave you ever tried to follow a performer or actor on stage with a moving light instead of a followspot? Yes, it can be done. Is it easy, maybe. But what if you were trying to follow someone that was moving around that stage fairly quick, like say Steven Tyler? Not the easiest thing to do and having it look as smooth as a person on a followspot.

Spotrack introduces their patented spotrack system that gives followspot functionality to moving lights. It is 3D tracking system that allows single operator to track one stage performer, with up to, 20 moving lights in tracking mode. Spotrack system consist of video camera, computer and DMX interface. Video camera is placed in such position to give overall view of the stage, and video is displayed on computer screen (via TV capture card). Operator is following stage performer with computer mouse on screen, and, in real time, based on mouse position on screen, computer calculates pan and tilt values for each individual moving light, providing them with tracking functionality.

Spotrack system is 21 DMX channel device. Each moving head can be attached (value >128) or detach (value < 128) from tracking at any time, or tracking function, in general (for all moving lights) can be enabled or disabled. This way, for example, we can have only three moving lights in tracking mode during song and seventeen in effect mode (controlled by the light desk), and, at the end of the song we can use all twenty moving lights in tracking mode (all moving lights targeting stage performer).

System key points:

  • Tracking performer in three dimensions
  • Integration with light desk
  • Remotely controlled by the light desk
  • Performer height correction included
  • 3D stage correction
  • Automatic light intensity control (dimmer control)
  • Two point callibration
  • Modularity
  • Performer is transmitter free

Here is a Youtube video of the Spotrack System in Action live on tv.

Want to learn more about the Spotrack System, visit the Spotrack website at